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    Web Accessibility is complicated, ATAG is necessary

    ATAG guidelines provide a structure for authoring tools to find ways to easily produce accessible content.

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    Open-Source Web Development for Social Change

    OpenConcept defines itself as a “not-only-for-profit” company, seeking to make a difference in the world and on the web.

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What we do

We are Drupal experts who provide our clients with customized web solutions that are highly accessible and secure.

Why you should hire us

A skilled team, proven expertise and exceptional delivery are among the reasons to trust OpenConcept with your Drupal projects.

  • PSAC rally

    PSAC is one of Canada's largest unions, committed to defend access to quality public services and to social justice. OpenConcept was hired for website development services for the redevelopment of the PSAC National website and integration of the Unionware API.

  • CUPE Building

    CUPE’s website was migrated to Drupal 7 and completely redesigned. The project involved multilingual development with accessibility improvements and security enhancements, development of a tool for campaigns and workshop registration management. 

  • Maligne Lake

    Parks Canada project consisted into migrating the site onto Drupal and deploying Government of Canada's WETkit.

  • Car driving under the snow

    OpenConcept has developed an open-data portal to evaluate forecasts performance using Drupal.

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Drupal is an open-source software that allows you to easily organize, manage and publish your content, with an endless variety of customization. 


Drupal is a highly secure and scalable tools that powers some of the busiest sites and can be adapted to any visual design. 


Drupal is constantly improved by a community of one million users that contribute to make it a cutting-edge platform.

Latest News

The new version of the world’s most widely adopted, enterprise open-source digital experience platform is out today.
OpenConcept has developed an open-data portal to evaluate forecasts performance using Drupal.
Mike Gifford gives a review of a11yYOW and of the progress made in the accessibility fields over the past three years.


Business for Good: Best for Ottawa 29/10/2015

Mike will be presenting on a panel on Business for Good: Best for Ottawa at Hub Ottawa on Thursday, October 29.

GreenPAC - Building Environmental 14/04/2015

GreenPAC allows Canadians who care about the environment to support political candidates who represent their values.

Code and Coffee with Ladies Learning Code 14/03/2015

Code and Coffee is an informal meetup to get together and code in a fun, social and collaborative environment.

From the Blog

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