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Drupal Guy & Octocat sitting in Frank Lloyd Wright Porch

Yesterday we saw profile images get into This has gotten a bunch of positive feedback as it both modernizes the look of the community and addresses a style bug that goes back to 2010 when the last design (Bluecheese) was applied to the site. More importantly though it puts a face on the contributors of the d.o community -- we are no longer just anonymous blue nicknames! The styling changes on are a nice improvement, mostly because it is a regular reminder about the individuals who are pushing to make Drupal better. Hopefully when we see the images of people's faces they will be more inclined to listen to others' opinions, be respectful of differences and work to build common solutions, or as @webchick says "Avatars also pressure people to behave more like human beings."

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2014

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Mike Gifford presenting at HubOttawa

This was a more in-person presentation about web accessibility issues in general.  We showcased some general issues and facilitating a bit of a discussion to raise awareness. We welcomed people from different backgrounds, including government services, universities and design agencies. The topic was addressed to a non-technical audience to raise awareness on accessibility.

Want to be a Core Contributor? Drupal 7 Needs You!

Yes, all of the attention is on Drupal 8. D8, will be amazing! It totally makes sense that when folks talk about Core development that they think about the latest version. Sometimes though it seems that we forget that there are two stable releases with hundreds of thousands of sites using them for every development version of Core. If this proposal gets accepted, which I think it will, there will 3 supported releases of Core for a few months when the Drupal 9 branch is started. So we know when Drupal 8 is released that there will still be 3-4 years where we are going to be working with Drupal 7 sites.


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