GOSLINGS - 10 Years Promoting Free Software to Government

Gosligns 10th Anniversary GatheringWe were happy to have supported 10 Years from GOSLING to GOOSE event earlier this month. We've been coming on/off for a long while now and have always found the conversations encouraging.  It's been a long, long struggle to get the right individuals in government thinking about how the public sector values of participation, cooperation & standards can be reflected in software.

Movember Strikes OpenConcept

Maverick's StacheI do think that Movember's really hit a critical mass this year and this is the first year that OpenConcept's team has participated. It's a goofy thing to do with a group of men.  One thing I can say for sure, everyone seems to have an opinion about mustaches. It's been a significant shift for some of us as two of our team shaved off their beards to begin November 1st clean shaven. Fortunately, November's been a pretty warm month so far.

Intelligent Open Source Collaboration for Better Accessibility

Recently as we've been working on enhancements to Drupal 8, we run into several situations where we are looking at the jQuery library.  Drupal's been including the free software jQuery for the last two releases and are using it more and more as it evolves. We were hoping we'd be able to simply leverage a solid accessible jQuery UI element rather than have to continue to enhance our own javascript widgets.  

OpenConcept's New Look

RGB Creative logoIn case you haven't noticed, the OpenConcept website has had an overhaul as of late. In migrating to Drupal 7, we not only were looking to migrate from our outdated Drupal 5 website but were excited for the opportunity to design an entirely new theme.


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