Happy Holidays to Everyone in 2013

Another year is coming to a close and we are again wishing you all the happiest of holidays at this special time of year. 2013 has been a very exciting year for us, including some amazing projects, new team members and fun DrupalCons and Camps. We are also proud that as of this week we are a Certified B Corporation. Looking forward to another interesting year to come!

We wish you and yours all the best in 2014

- The OpenConcept Team

Gittip, Nurturing Community & a Drupal Shop Challenge

We need to find better means to nurture those people who code, document, and design for Drupal!

Scratching an itch is great, but it isn't sustainable. It's clear that there are just too many projects which are not being well maintained. Ultimately, I'd like to have everyone who is benefiting from Drupal find a way to contribute back. There are a lot of successful Drupal shops, so this seems like a great place to start a challenge.

The Flow of Content & Code

Code flow vs Content flows on Dev, Staging & Production ServersThere are lots of ways to set up a enterprise server environment for Drupal, but in dealing with IT folks who are coming from other Content Management Systems (CMS) or worse static sites, there is an asumption that for an organization to have control, that they need to have a completely isolated server.

How Procurement Can Shape Software

OpenConcept believes in the importance of community & the power of open source. Drupal is a great software product, but the community behind it is bigger and better than the software itself. Open source approaches are really disruptive when they are applied properly because they can disrupt the producer/consumer mindset which has been drilled into our heads over the last 50 years.  When we realize that we can contribute something which helps others and by making the community stronger also helps ourselves.

Videos from DrupalCamp Ottawa

We really enjoyed the opportunity to be part of organizing Ottawa's first DrupalCamp. It was a great success, and as a platinum sponsor we were happy to see it take place.  There were a lot of good presentations, but we'd like to highlight a few of them here on our site.  The first is a great talk by Tom Erickson, CEO of Acquia talking about Drupal & government around the world.


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