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CMS choice is critical, or not ...

Searching the internet for advice on choosing a CMS will yield many sites listing the reasons that  making the right CMS choice is critcally important. You may also encounter a small group of contrarions who say it matters a lot less than you think.

At OpenConcept we are going to say they're right, both of them.

Drupal Experts

The modern enterprise class website is multi-featured and crafted to fulfill a specific vision. As a critical component of your communications strategy it has to fill multiple roles coherently and seamlessly.

Creating such a communications hub requires choosing from hundreds of possible features and then integrating them to be stable, fast and effective. 

To build a website that cleanly, efficiently and reliably meets your needs requires the in-depth knowledge and expertise that only comes with experience.

Who We Are

OpenConcept Consulting is an Ottawa-based team of web development consultants specialized in open-source development with Drupal. Our team of talented, fun and community-minded individuals develops web tools for social change, and has great experience working with non-profits organizations.


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