Our Services

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Why choose OpenConcept?

OpenConcept is a global team of web specialists specializing in the Drupal software, with over 16 years of experience in architecting secure, scalable, inclusive and sustainable solutions for the non-for-profit, public and private sectors. As a B-Corporation, we strive to build a better Internet using open-source software and are part of the Top 5 contributors to the Drupal Project in Canada. Because you should design for everyone, we put accessibility first on all of our projects and try to raise awareness on WCAG standards as much as possible to our clients and partners. Today, we are proud to be a world leader in digital accessibility.

OpenConcept provide the following services:

  • Web Accessibility Consulting
  • Security Consulting
  • Digital Strategy and Web Development Consulting
  • Systems Architecture Consulting
  • Support, Hosting and Maintenance


Web Accessibility Consulting

  • Accessibility Reviews and Reports
  • Web Accessibility Improvements 
  • Accessibility Training for Web Developers and Content Maintainers 


Security Consulting

  • Security Reviews and Reports
  • Web Security Improvements
  • Infrastructure Security Improvements
  • Security Training for Managers and IT Staff


Digital Strategy and Web Development Consulting

  • Business Analysis Consulting
  • Digital Strategy Consulting
  • Custom Web Development Services (Drupal and WordPress)
  • User Research, Usability and User-Acceptance Testing
  • Database Catalog Development (Drupal and Wordpress)
  • Performance and sustainability optimization
  • Coding for compliance with W3C best practices and applicable standards regarding accessibility, security and privacy.


Systems Architecture Consulting

  • Server infrastructure set-up, maintenance and / or improvements
  • Server infrastructure Reviews and Reports
  • Technology Strategy Planning


Support, Hosting and Maintenance

  • Hosting and support of client applications
  • Support of client applications not hosted on our infrastructure
  • Maintenance retainers for regular improvements work