User Engagement

Make Poverty HistoryWhether it is to promote the value of sports for youth, to involve clients in product development, or meant to influence some level of government, most organizations want to engage their support base.

Engage, build, and escalate the level of commitment and involvement.

Engagement can be called consultation, campaigning, advocacy or organizing; regardless it is fundamentally about nurturing your supporters' active participation in your efforts.

The modern website is a communications hub that is a critical component for implementing your communications strategy

To be successful your web development must be a coherent mix of the right tools that you can use to engage your community.

OpenConcept understands that mobilizing your support base requires crafting a communication management hub customized to suit your organizational vision, not just selling you some "cool" features that are the buzz de jour. It is not even sufficient to just have the right features, they have to be coherently integrated into a conceptual whole that equips you to realize your vision.


We have the expertise to help you choose from the vast array of tools and features that Drupal offers for you to engage and build your support base. We believe that we succeed only when you do, and we are committed to doing it right.