Accessibility Consulting

Building inclusive applications is part of our mandate. Since 2008, we have proactively participated in integrating the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards for accessibility – including WCAG 2.0, WAI-ARIA and ATAG 2.0) in Drupal Core. Our efforts have turned Drupal 7 then Drupal 8 into the most accessible Web Content Management Systems out-of-the-box. Mike Gifford, Founder and President, is Drupal Core’s official Accessibility Maintainer since 2012.

Web accessibility is just like Web security: you need to monitor it closely to ensure constant compliance with standards. This is why we provide regular accessibility audits to organizations to allow them to verify they still comply with WCAG 2.0 requirements and address the main issues encountered.


Details of services:

  • Accessibility reviews
  • Accessibility improvements and monitoring
  • Accessibility training for content maintainers
  • Accessibility training for developers
  • Accessibility training for website managers or administrators
  • Accessibility statement writing