Chase Paymentech Module for Ubercart



September 30, 2010

Announcing the uc_chasepaymentech module for Ubercart!

This is a module that adds Chase Paymentech hosted checkout as a payment method to Ubercart. There isn't currently a module that integrates Ubercart with Chase paymentech. Although Chase based their hosted checkout on's framework, their specific implementation and methods of response verification are slightly different in functionality. There is not a sensible way to go about modifying the module that ships with Ubercart to incorporate Chase Paymentech without rewriting the entire module to make it more generic and adaptable to other Payment Companies and their implementations of the framework. However, this may be an option for the future.

At the moment, a properly maintained and secure module to integrate Chase Paymentech with Ubercart is certainly needed. I have found other similar implementations that have not been shared with, but these hacked together modules were incomplete and had glaring security holes. I will be sharing my findings within the Ubercart forums where these contribs have been shared publicly. This module is complete in its ability to function as a payment interface between Ubercart and Chase paymentech. Upon checkout the user is sent to Chase's payment site for payment completion. When the customer completes their payment or their payment is declined a response is sent back to the user's site and their order is updated accordingly.

uc_chase_paymentech is available on Cheers,