Computer World Canada Article on SCO Group’s Copyright Case



August 20, 2007

ComputerWorld Canada published an article on 13 Aug 2007 that featured a quick quote that I gave them. GNU/Linux experts look for lessons from SCO suit. GNU/Linux adoption has certainly taken off in the desktop world since the release of Vista.

As is often the case, some of the most interesting notes are in the comments that people leave. Our very own Russell McOrmond left the following.

As you read Mr. Sookman's comments about FLOSS licensing, remember that his ideas actually apply more to non-FLOSS licensing than FLOSS licensing. As a lobbiest for CRIA and other businesses promoting the knowledge-as-property ideology he may be unaware that the licenses of his own clients are "more of a philosophical document than a precise legal document" and often stray far outside the boundaries of what is legally enforceable to promote that ideology. Read the Jefferson debate or the additional notes on Mr. Sookman.

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