Day Two Summary - DrupalCon Boston 2008



March 05, 2008

Once again we've been learned a lot, met a lot of great folks and explored some excellent opportunities for the future. The optimism of the conference participants about working together is certainly contagious.

Well, it is amazing how valuable bandwidth is when you've spent a couple of days trying to access it (mostly without success). Neither the conference center or our hotel room has had reliable access. At this point we've established some work-arounds which will help, and by the 4th day of the conference I am sure that these will be worked through.

The Internationalization presentation was interesting for a few reasons. It was interesting to look at struggles between what is offered in core and what is required in a module like i18n in order to make a fully multilingual site. The changes which have been brought into Drupal core are definitely critical to have a multilingual site, but core will probably always need to have a set of contributed modules enabled to bring it to a fully functional state.

more later..... Have to get to the conference

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