Drupal's Pony Power



April 30, 2007

Pony PowerThe whole Drupal Song as featured on the Lullabot podcast made me think a bit more about help play a bit more with the culture of Drupal. We all know that Drupal is a great CMS that provides individuals and organizations with a scalable, user-friendly interface. But does it have pony power? Now we can say that with absolute certainty it does.

I purchased a Konrad Pony T-Shirt from Angry Sheep Designs when I was in Halifax a month ago. It was popular and I had some requests for more My Little Pony styled products. Pride PonyI thought that a Drupal pony would be a fun addition. I also got a gay pride pony. It's neat to be able to subvert images of the dominant paradigm, even if it is only in a subtle way.

There does seem to be quite a few folks who have enjoyed hacking the images of these playful ponies. The Alien My Little Pony is quite funny.

My Little Pony - Drupal T-Shirt

In anycase if you want to have your own custom T-shirts designed or want to have a copy of the Drupal pony placed on a T-shirt, hat or bag, you can get more info from the Angry Sheep!

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