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March 20, 2007

I just recently set up an account on facebook, as an old friend sent me an invitation. After checking to see if Jack Layton had a page, and adding him as "a friend". I decided to check out the popularity of our political leaders on this platform (as of March 20th). Now organizations are using this service in different ways, but it is interesting to compare popularity. Jack has 175 friends.The central NDP group has 1,054 membersStéphane has 3332 friends.The central Liberal group has 351 membersStephen has 497 friends.The central Conservative group has 1,360 membersElizabeth May doesn't seem to have a couple pages, but nothing as an individual whose friends we can see.The Green Party group has 87 membersGilles Duceppe doesn't seem to have any friends.This group has 2 members.Not that this is representative of much, but if we were going entirely on these numbers and if folks voted for the leader (and not the party or their representative), we'd have a Liberal majority. Mind you, if you ignore that folks don't seem to find Stephen Harper very friendly and people voted for the party, we'd have a Conservative government with the NDP in opposition.

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