Online Phone Campaigns Targeting Apple



January 13, 2007

With online campaigns timing makes or breaks it. I was quite impressed with Greenpeace's Green Apple Campaign and their most recent Online Action. Their most recent action calls on mac users to call up their Public Relations Director and leave him a message, right before their big MacWorld Keynote (where the iPhone was announced). This is a neat next step for that allows activists interested in this campaign to do something which invests them more in the campaign and gets them moving up the ladder of engagement. Was neat to call up the other day and find that the mailbox of main contact was already full by the time I called.

Greenpeace's site does a great job mirroring the main Apple web site, and reaching out to the market of creative, concerned, active folks who tend to buy Macs. The Procreate section of the GP site was also well done and is worth checking out for those who have an eye for branding hacks.

It was also nice to get this confirmation after signing up to a more traditional email campaign within the mac campaign:


Dear Mike Gifford, Thanks for writing to Steve! To protect Steve from trolls, and ensure creeps don’t send emails in your name, we’ve sent you a confirmation email at (that is your real address, right?) There’s a link in there. Click it. Steve won’t get your message unless you do. If you don’t receive that email soon, check your spam or unsolicited email folder.

Well done Greenpeace, and everyone (but especially Mac & iPod users), consider signing up to help make the computer industry more environmentally sustainable!

Apple has responded to this campaign and it is impressive how consumer pressure can influence corporations to act for our best interests. Green My Apple won a Webby Award just last week.


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