Opera Lyra - The Barber Of Seville



September 12, 2006

I was looking for something to celebrate for my 35th Birthday (on Sept 11th), and decided back in July that it would be a bit of an adventure to buy two tickets to the Opera as I had never been before. I really wasn't sure what to expect as I had never seen one before, but since OpenConcept helped launch their site it seemed like a good thing to learn more about.

I was quite surprised at how much fun this production was. I don't go to the theatre all that often, but I found the acting to be good and the humour accessible (even with the sub-titles). The slow motion fight at the end of the first act was particularly entertaining.

There is something about the Opera which has always seemed out of touch to me. I've been to musicals in the past but this is such an older form of entertainment that I wasn't sure how well I would relate.

The production was a good introduction to this style of music and performance. After the actors got on stage I quickly forgot the Warner Brother's version of the Rabbit of Seville that I had grown up on (and had seen recently on youtube.com - Thanks Pat!).

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