Speed Demo on Drupal's Search Engine Optimization



May 13, 2007

I signed up to do a speed geek at Drupal Camp, but mostly out of habit. I first was exposed to it at AdvocacyDev 1 and later at the NTEN conference. Both times I was exhausted after presenting 5 five minute presentations, but found that it was a worth while experience. I'd never given a speed geek about Drupal before though and thought that nobody had mentioned search engine optimization at the conference. Seemed like something that folks would be interested in and felt that OpenConcept had some recent experience to contribute to this. At the last minute the speed geek was turned into a speed demo - the main difference being that you only had one shot to give the demo and that it would be to the whole group rather than to just a small handful.

I followed the presentation notes I started with reasonably well:

SEO Options

  • site validate / accessible to search engines (and other blind users)
  • gsitemap/xmlsitemap - google webmaster tools / sitemap.org & submit
  • filelist / sitemap
  • links in to your site / rss
  • lots of fresh content / blog (Better Lisening of Google)
  • watch the search engines country/ip address - proxy servers
  • watch your logs / recent referrals & search requests
  • post comments on the blogosphere with links to your site/content

But have to admit that I've never talked about SEO to people who work with any search engine company, and the Yahoo Canada rep was present when I started to give the very short presentation. I had planned to talk a bit more about the successes that OC has had recently and also about the ability to target search engine results. Folks seemed to like the presentation well enough, but would have liked to have a bit more time to prepare something that connected the dots a bit more.

This was based mostly on work that I documented in an earlier blog posting.

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