BADCamp 2014 - Accessibility & Drupal 8



December 01, 2014

Discussion at Non Profit SummitSan Francisco is beautiful in the fall, BADCamp has become a real institution in the Drupal community, and I had an opportunity to present about Drupal 8's accessibility. So I packed my bags and flew down to sunny California and was able to participate in several Drupal Core Code Sprints, the NGO Summit and several talks.

It is useful to go to these community events and to have a chance to hang out with other people who are shaping this community. The Drupal community involves a lot of passionate people who believe strongly in collaboration. It is always exciting to see how people are using this tool-set and the opportunities for innovation always increase when there are opportunities to spontaneously talk over issues with the people you are randomly standing beside in the food truck line.

At the Non Profit Summit I led a discussion on online advocacy. It is useful to talk with other progressive Drupal shops about where they are going with supporting organizations seeking change. We are much further ahead now with tools like RedHen CRM and CRM Core which have done a great deal to make it easier to effectively manage users within a CMS.

Throughout the week, people were actively sprinting to improve important projects like Drupal 8. Often working closely together, people are able to bounce ideas off of each other and quickly work to see that code is improved, concerns are addressed and fixes are committed.

It was great to present about Drupal 8's accessibility improvements in front of a packed room. I worked to organize as many of the improvements as I could in my presentation, but I just couldn't cover them all in the 1 hour session. My slides are available online.

About The Author

Mike Gifford is the founder of OpenConcept Consulting Inc, which he started in 1999. Since then, he has been particularly active in developing and extending open source content management systems to allow people to get closer to their content. Before starting OpenConcept, Mike had worked for a number of national NGOs including Oxfam Canada and Friends of the Earth.

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