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September 29, 2007

Went to a protest last night in solidarity with the pro-democracy protesters in Burma. I was partly brought to the protest by facebook as I got a number of invites to events in the coming days with it.

'Support The Monks' Protest in Burma' - Facebook group has certainly been useful. It's been interesting to see the circulation of news items being re-posted on Facebook on this issue as people are desperate to find out what is happening in Burma. Interesting to see the celebrity involvement as Jim Carry's video pleads the case for action. Not sure why it would be beneficial to email, but there is a hope that it may get noticed.

As usual, I took some pictures and posted these to Flickr & then the went around to see what people were doing that was interesting on the net to promote this important issue.

It was interesting just to look for the tag burma but was quickly able to find more specific photos by using the tag freeburma.

There is a group of bloggers who are also trying to Google bomb the phrase “One text for Burma”. So far there doesn't seem to be all that much support, but it is an interesting idea.

For more information about activities in Canada, check out Inter Pares.

Burma is in the news every day now. It is a good time to learn more about the long history of the pro-democracy movement in Burma the opportunity now to capitalize on the attention the world's media have allowed on this subject.

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