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By Matt Parker on 15/07/2015
A clothesdryer with a laundry basket sitting atop it.

At the the DrupalNorth code sprint, I spent some time chatting about code linters, and how to use them to ensure your code conforms to coding standards. So, I thought I'd share the process that works for me.

If you find a better process, please blog about it and post a link in the comments!

This tutorial assumes:

You write or modify code in a language like PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Bash, etc. What is a linter?

Simply put, a linter is a static analysis tool that you...

By Mike Gifford on 08/07/2015
Vincenzo at Code Sprint

I have been developing open-source software now for over a decade and feel that community software is a really important concept for inclusive technology. With the rise of the Linux operating system and more importantly with the growth of the Internet, more people and companies have embraced a collaborative culture. The growth of do-it-yourself initiatives that allow creators to use, modify and distribute ideas is key to making technology fit a wider range of humanity.

My company,...

By Matt Parker on 07/07/2015
DrupalNorth 2015 sprinters sitting around a table, listening to Cottser

The inaugral Drupal North Regional Summit was a blast!

The official Drupal North sprint was held on Sunday, June 28th, starting around 10am and ending at 4pm, in Ryerson University's Rogers Communication Centre Transmedia Zone. 21 attendees showed up from all over Canada, the United States, and even Costa Rica:

Adam White from Upper Rapids, Alberto Rojas from Manatí, Chris Luckhardt, Claire Desbois from Floe design + technologies, Eric Jenkins from Digital Bridge Solutions, Jean-...
By Matt Parker on 27/05/2015

I've often been asked how I generate both patches and interdiffs at the same time, because the instructions on currently detail the two processes separately, and different documentation pages give different instructions.

So, I thought I'd share the process that works for me, providing real-world examples from an issue that I've worked on.

If you find a better process, please blog about it and post a link in the comments!

This tutorial assumes that:

By Xavier Landreville on 08/05/2015

Compared to languages such as Ruby or Python, PHP lacks a good REPL. REPL stands for read-eval-print loop, and no, php -a doesn't count. A good REPL will, for one, Print the result of each operation, which the standard CLI SAPI doesn't do (and it had trouble with the Eval part until recently). What the php -a client is, however, is an interactive scripting environement. You can type code, statements, as if you were within a php script, and they'll be evaluate the same way.

Enter boris...

By Xavier Landreville on 27/04/2015
MailCatcher Logo

Most developers that have worked on web applications or websites have had to implement email sending functionality. Emails are extremely useful, as it allows your application to reach its users, even when they haven't visited it in a while, or to let them know that something important has happened. Unfortunately, testing email delivery is, or was, a harder problem to solve.

Now that professional Drupal shops are increasingly using multiple environments (dev, staging, live, etc.), it...

By Mike Gifford on 21/03/2015
Aaron Introducing the Panel

OpenConcept organized and hosted an event in our offices to promote Benefit Corps (BCorp) earlier in the year. It was great to see just how many people came out to this event on a very cold February evening.  We did this because we want to see more businesses in Canada become interested in becoming certified. We reached out to MP's & MPP's because there are legislative changes that can be made which will provide more incentives for businesses to become BCorps. We also reached out to...

By Mike Gifford on 20/03/2015

Most people have never heard of Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART), but it is a great way to make a live event more accessible. CART isn't as good for the deaf as ASL, but it is generally seen as sufficient accommodations. The Canadian Hearing Society has some very legitimate concerns about how CART is implemented and provides suggestions about how this should be regulated better.

I've now seen CART used at Carleton's Accessibility Summit, Accessibility Camp TO and...

By Xavier Landreville on 13/02/2015

This is the first part in a series of system administration and management posts.

It used to be that if you wanted to run your own SCM system or VCS, you needed years of experience and a grey beard. However much has changed in the past few years.

We at OpenConcept switched from bare Git to GitLab about a year ago. The driving factor behind our change was to simplify the management of repositories and give our clients the option to gain direct access to them. We also picked up a...

By Mike Gifford on 13/02/2015

With the cost of computers dropping we are seeing them in places most people don't recognize. It is totally amazing the computing power that's been built into the $35 Raspberry Pi and they are also in our cars, TVs and many other products that could never afford to be "smart" before. One of the most common devices that people don't see as computers is their router. Most organizations now have several routers to make it more convenient to access the Internet. Although they don't look much...

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