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By Mike Gifford on 28/05/2014
Drupal Guy & Octocat sitting in Frank Lloyd Wright Porch

Yesterday we saw profile images get into This has gotten a bunch of positive feedback as it both modernizes the look of the community and addresses a style bug that goes back to 2010 when the last design (Bluecheese) was applied to the site.  More importantly though it puts a face on the contributors of the d.o community -- we are no longer just anonymous blue nicknames!

The styling changes on are a nice improvement, mostly because it is a regular reminder about...

By Matt Parker on 21/05/2014

The Internationalization suite of modules do a pretty good job of making everything translatable in Drupal 7. But, if you're writing a module that stores its data outside variables or entities, you might notice a few gaps.

On a recent project, I noticed that field display settings (field formatter settings for those familiar with the Field API) are not translatable by default. In many cases, this is fine because the field settings in core modules don't make sense to translate: for...

By Mike Gifford on 15/05/2014
Mike Gifford presenting at HubOttawa

This was a more in-person presentation about web accessibility issues in general.  We showcased some general issues and facilitating a bit of a discussion to raise awareness. We welcomed people from different backgrounds, including government services, universities and design agencies. The topic was addressed to a non-technical audience to raise awareness on accessibility.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) began pretty well this year for us. I started by participating...

By Jesse Payne on 07/05/2014
A 7 foot by 5 foot raised garden and a narrow garden bed along the back of the building where it receives sun for the majority of the day.

There are many great things about working for OpenConcept, but two that I appreciate in particular are the homemade lunches we take turns making for everyone and share each day, and the fact that we are encouraged to follow our own interests. OC always gets behind you on your pet projects.

Personally, I love to grow my own food and have been encouraging urban farming initiatives locally here in Ottawa for some time now. In 2013, I was pleased to be able to start a garden here...

By Mike Gifford on 29/04/2014

Yes, all of the attention is on Drupal 8. D8, will be amazing! It totally makes sense that when folks talk about Core development that they think about the latest version. Sometimes though it seems that we forget that there are two stable releases with hundreds of thousands of sites using them for every development version of Core.  If this proposal gets accepted, which I think it will, there will 3 supported releases of Core for a few months when the Drupal 9 branch is started.

So we...

By Mike Gifford on 16/04/2014

Back in 2007, Russell McOrmond, Phillip Smith and myself decided to set up a service for the Canadian NGO community to make it easier to match individuals with their elected officials. It seems like a pretty basic component of any effective democracy, but it still isn't something that is available to Canadians.

At the time, Statistics Canada offered a database of postal codes to riding associations. For $3000 you could buy a database on a CD and have the rights to buy updates every...

By Mike Mallett on 10/04/2014
Heartbleed Logo
What is "Heartbleed"?

"Heartbleed" is the common name being used to refer to a critical security vulnerability found in the OpenSSL TLS Heartbeat system. OpenSSL is a very popular encryption library in widespread use across the Internet. It is considered to be a critical piece of software infrastructure to countless organizations worldwide. It is the library in use on most Open Source systems to enable encryption, such as with HTTPS.

The nature of the vulnerability allowed anyone to...

By Cindy Warren on 15/01/2014
Drupal Cake

Drupal is 13 today! The community continues to grow and we are proud to be a part of it!

A good excuse to enjoy some cake with lunch.

By Mike Gifford on 14/01/2014

We are always looking for ways to become a better business. We have always strived to meet the needs of our clients and staff in a cost effective and environmentally friendly fashion. Last year we started the process of becoming a Certified B Corporation, as it seemed to fit well within the work we've done in the past decade. It was a very interesting process and raised many issues that we hadn't considered previously, which would expand the impact we can have as a business. 

It is...

By Mike Gifford on 13/01/2014

Once again we're happy to sponsor Drupal Camp Ottawa. We'll have more posts on this soon.  There are a number of sessions we're looking forward to presenting and as always look forward to meeting with others in the Drupal community to work together to strengthen the code that glues us together.

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