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CMS choice is critical, or not ...

Searching the internet for advice on choosing a CMS will yield many sites listing the reasons that  making the right CMS choice is critcally important. You may also encounter a small group of contrarions who say it matters a lot less than you think.

At OpenConcept we are going to say they're right, both of them.

If you read the contrarian sites such as cmsmyths a little deeper you will find that what they are really saying is that the right CMS choice depends on clarity about your digital strategy. In their experience many organizations rush into choosing a CMS before they really understand what they one one for.

Their hyperbole about CMS choice not mattering so much is an effort to get people to step back and take a breath. They actually agree that the choice is important ... after you have done the work necessary to make that choice meaningful, not before.

 CMS readiness

Choosing a CMS is a big step for anyone and well worth doing properly. As a starting point OpenConcept strongly recommends:

This means taking a big step back and answering some important questions:

  • Vision: Where does the organization want to be in 3-5 years and what’s the overall vision for how digital will drive the business forward?

  • Customers: How will your customer interact with you across their entire journey and what is the role of digital (web, mobile, e-mail, etc.) in enabling these experiences?

  • Content: How are you approaching the overall content strategy and how will it support the experiences you hope to deliver?

  • Team & Culture: How will you support the digital channel and CMS and do you have the proper roles and team members in place?

  • Measurement: How will success be defined and how can analytics and optimization be used to drive ongoing value?

The CMS selection myth: Stop the insanity and focus on what really matters

Choosing a CMS

There are a lot of them

It may not matter as much as you think