OpenConcept is primarily a service based company, however we sell a number of web-related services which we list here.

Standard Support Agreement

  • Hosting and Updates to the operating system are covered by the agreement.
  • Server architecture includes: 
    • HTTP accelerator, such as Varnish
    • Relational database management system (RDBMS), usually MySQL,
    • Well supported Linux distribution (Debian/Ubuntu)
    • A PHP Framework (Zend or other compatible PHP interpreter)
  • Monitoring Services
    • Daily backups retained for 30 days, including a snapshot of the file system and the database, stored securely in a format that enables rapid recovery if necessary.
    • Server status monitoring
  • Zone file support
    • IP addresses and DNS management
    • Additional domain setup
  • Drupal services
    • Security Upgrades to Drupal Core and Contributed Modules
    • Cron script set to run at a minimum of 10 times per day
    • Monitoring and reporting about unsupported and revoked modules
  • Security reporting
    • Report back to client when security updates have been applied.
    • Notification to the client when software updates are available.

Price: $1,325 / year

Additional options are available for externally-hosted websites and web applications requiring support, starting from $1,630 / year. 


SSL Certificate

OpenConcept orders SSL certificate and performs necessary setup

Price: $245 / year / domain

Domain Names

Domain Hosting for .com, .net, & .org - $17 / year

Domain Hosting for .ca - $20 / year