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By Mike Gifford on 24/04/2007
Note: We've discontinued this process and are using Drupal's boost module as it now fairly effortlessly allows us to produce cached versions of all pages for anonymous users.
Some day there will be a Drupal module that effortlessly allows users to build static caches of their entire site so that plain old HTML can be delivered to 95% of your visitors and you can choose the refresh rate that is appropriate for you. Most sites have old content on it that won't change but every few months and regardless of how many times it has been crawled it seems that search engines are keen to load the page...
By Mike Gifford on 03/04/2007
I'm often on the lookout for good podcasts with content on social justice issues. There is only so much time to keep on top of events in the world, it is important to be listening to the right sources. So far the ones I like are:
The Rabble Podcast Network - especially I read the News Today (oh boy!)
CBC's Podcasts - especially Dispatches and Ideas
Public Radio International's Radio Open Source has been very reliable
As has a more technology oriented Open Source Conversations
What are some other ones out there that have been beneficial and have at least weekly updates? TVO's The Agenda has...
By Mike Gifford on 10/03/2007
Last week some of us at OpenConcept were fortunate enough to play with a prototype from the One Laptop Per Child Project at an after hours gathering. Like many other people who have had a chance to look at it, there are pictures tagged with olpc that we've posted to Flickr. We couldn't help but check out how future compatible our new standards compliant design is, and indeed it looks great in a cutting edge browser, even in portrait mode.
Andrew Clunis, one of our developers, volunteers with the OLPC project and has been a keen advocate for many of the principals being advanced by this...
By Mike Gifford on 10/03/2007
Ever since hearing about Bullfrog Power I've had these visions of thousands of frogs jumping around within little hamster wheels generating power. However, no need to call the SPCA, the electrons aren't being driven by our amphibian friends. Rather, OpenConcept has signed up with an innovative company which is gathering individuals and organizations willing to pay a premium for clean energy.
If you live in Ontario, which most of our team does, you can buy 100% green electricity from this new company which buys it's power "exclusively from wind and low-impact...
By Mike Gifford on 29/10/2006
I'm not always the first to jump onto a bandwagon and although I've been looking at and subscribing to podcasts and video casts for over a year I haven't owned an iPod or mp3 player. I was downloading interesting documentaries and news sources, but more often than not didn't have time to listen to them.
I finally bought an iPod earlier this week and had to say how much more I am enjoying the rabble podcast network (rpn) shows I've listened to. I've been reading's articles since the beginning as we were hired to help set up/customize an open source application (APC-AA) for them....
By Mike Gifford on 17/06/2006
Russell McOrmond & I attended the Social Change and Community Technology Roundtable yesterday, June 16th. This was organized by Martin Itzkow and supported by the JW McConnell Family Foundation and the PLAN Institute for Caring Citizenship.
It is always nice to meet with people like this and share our excitment about Open Source as a tool to build more collaboration between progressive organizations.
By Mike Gifford on 22/02/2006
by Peter Bojanic
Scenario: You customize a file that is under CVS control with some local changes (e.g. hostname, owner) and some common changes (e.g. application logic, host-independent variables). You need to commit some of your changes but not others.
I'm working with a file called BE_config.php. There are some local customizations to make Back-End work on my machine and there are some common changes that need to be check into cvs.
1. First, move the working file out of the way:
$ mv BE_config.php BE_config.php-peter

2. Now, let's get the latest version from cvs:
$ cvs update...
By Mike Gifford on 28/05/2005
OpenConcept's origins were based in the anti-globalization movement framed by the Battle of Seattle. In the fall of 1999 we were contracted to provide a web site for the Cross Canada Caravan Against the WTO. This was a loose coalition of unions, NGOs, student groups and political organizations that was organizing to raise awareness about the World Trade Organization.
OpenConcept's origins were based in the anti-globalization movement framed by the Battle of Seattle. In the fall of 1999 we were contracted to provide a web site for the Cross Canada Caravan Against the WTO. This was a loose...
By Mike Gifford on 22/01/2005
Note: This article was written a few years back now and the web software options have changed considerably. Many people are now searching for information about evaluations of wiki's. Dan Bashaw wrote an interesting follow-up to this article recently. I generally suggest either using MediaWiki if that's all a client wants since Wikipedia has made the norm, or doing something more customized that we would set up with Drupal. If you need help choosing what type of application you need or support in setting it up, please feel to contact us.
by Dan Bashaw & Mike Gifford
People have been trying...