By Mike Gifford on 01/06/2007
The following list is good practice regardless of the conditions of the tech's departure. In the case of a firing, these are all the more important, and will require more planning.
Basic Authorization
change basic usernames & passwords for all services above.
ensure that the emails for all services above are valid and pointing to your new techie or a generic tech account.
contact service providers and ensure that they all have the new contact name, phone number and email.
tell your clients that the departing techie is no longer working there.
Company Resources
back up and then delete the...
By Mike Gifford on 22/02/2006
phpMyAdmin is an powerful tool to help folks manage their MySQL databases. Generally this tool is well documented and there is an active forum if folks want to ask questions to the community.
Setting up Sub-Account Permissions
MySQL (which is the database which is controlled by phpMyAdmin) has a great many levels of permissions which allows a lot of flexibility for securing your data.
If you have a number of databases which you would like to administer, you can do this under a single MySQL user account. However, you can also give access to specific databases and tables to different user...