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Liz Pringi

Drupal Developer / Systems Administrator

   Liz brings a unique element to the team.  She has an enthusiastic interest in security and technological structure, which drives her problem solving.  She began her experience with modern technology as a child, messing about in DOS, figuring out how things worked and what she could get away with.  Fourteen years ago she delved into C programming within Linux, then Linux systems administration and web programming using the LAMP stack soon after.  From there her experience with Linux and Unix systems and applications, scripting, web development, and programming flourished.  Today she puppets complicated technologies (yes, including Puppet) and still likes to push her boundaries.

   Not always with her head in a computer, Liz enjoys many different art and craft mediums;  creating jewellery out of various bits of metal and technology she finds hanging around, pastel and painting, miniature making, using carpentry skills to create, convert, and repair wood furniture, baking a variety of breads by hand, and the list goes on.  She is always eager to help and encourages a community mindset in those she encounters.